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A fusion of flavors and an innovative use of spices and herbs



Trying to mix a bit of Aruban cuisine into his dishes, Chef Edward realizes that this is a difficult task."Most Aruban dishes are stews" he explains. He has come up with some great alternatives, though, giving ’couleur local’ to traditional recipes. His sweet potato mash with cinnamon and sugar is to die for; his blanched okra is crunchy and delicious. Edward’s Bouillabaisse is filled with local fish; it has a coco/curry flavor with a hint of Madam Jeanette hot pepper. Mmmmmm.

The menu at Papiamento Restaurant offers lots of favorites for the not-so-adventurous diner as well. If you wish to be daring, however, you are in for a treat. Ask for the daily special and be surprised by the fusion of flavors and by the innovative use of spices and herbs. The place also has a ’Cocktail of the Day’ which should not by any means be missed.


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