Wine Vault
1800 bottles of international vintages


The wine cellar at Papiamento Restaurant was actually a store room and cheese factory; an extension of the 126-year-old manor house, it has been completely transformed. The thick walls of that time still help to insulate the room which is kept at temperatures ranging from 61-64 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed by Chef/Owner Eduardo Ellis, it was created by a local carpenter from imported ceder wood.

When fully stocked, the cellar boasts as many as 200 labels and 1800 bottles of international vintages hailing from such countries as Chile, Argentina, Portugal, South Afrika, Tazmania, Sicily, Greece, California, Italy, Spain, France and Germany. "With prices ranging from $22-$200 per bottle, there is a selection to fit everyone’s taste and budget. We invite the guests to our cellar to see how we treat the bottles, let them make their choice and enjoy the unique ambiance," Chef Eduardo explains.